Maharshi Kashyap Mahavidyalaya is Establishment Under Rajasthan Act 2008.

The aim of the Maharshi Kashyap Mahavidyalaya is to promote innovations, research & development in Education Sector and establishment the groth of student with our new ideas. The society purposes to promote quality education, development of mind, strong character and will power to young students. The College shall make efforts to raise standard of B.ed education.Maharshi Kashyap Mahavidyalaya which all together are cater to the educational needs of our society.

This unique institution established as a part of nation Wide campaign for women education and empowerment .The institute provides all it can for students to learn , have fun and achieve their career goals with a strict academic schedule combined with very lenient atmosphere.

The objectives for which the college is established are

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  • To develop the ability and self confidence in pupil teacher.
  • To develop the ability for correlate knowledge with real life situation.
  • To develop the ability of resourcefulness so as to make the best use of situation available.
  • To develop the communication skill for effective teaching skills, course ideas in clear and concise language in a logical manner.
  • To develop the teaching competencies.
  • Providing institutional infrastructure and instructional facilities for training, research, personality development of students. To promote entrepreneurial, self supporting and career making education.